Tullar Farm, tucked into the hills of the Berkshires, is a 20 acre historic farm with 700 mature specimen trees comprising over 30 varieties. Mostly hard wood, these trees are planted when they are about 1 1/2 to 2 inches in diameter. Each tree has its own irrigation and is planted about 20 feet from its neighbor to allow for uncrowded root systems and beautiful canopies. Our trees are not offered for sale until over the course of ten years they grow to over 20 feet in height and 5-6 inches in diameter. Many of our trees reach over 40 feet high and have trunks that are 10 inches in diameter.

Tullar Farm's wholesale prices are "in ground" prices. We welcome landscapers and contractors to spade dig their selections or will assist in arranging for this to be done for you. Some trees have been carted over 100 miles to their destination despite weighing, with ball, over 5 tons. Spade digging is one of the safest ways to move a mature tree and ensure its health during the transition from Tullar Farm to your landscape. See our list of recommended spade diggers.

To request a nursery tours, please email Tom Minacci, our farm manager.

(Our latest photos of some of our mature trees feature Tom, to aid in your sense of scale.)

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